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1. Name? Ksenia
2. General Location?: little north of Seattle (WA)
3) Age?: 15
4) What part do you sing and what type of singer are you?: soprano, I call myself a classical singer but I guess since I sing some opera I could be operatic....in that case I'm also musical theatre and choral (though I'm not a great choral singer since I'm really a soloist)

5) Favorite opera of all time?: ooo so many! Tosca, Rusalka, Manon Lescaut, Carmen
6) Favorite aria to sing?: at the moment its an art song, Debussy's "Romance".... as for aria "Una Donna A Quindici Anni" or "Va Godendo"

7) Dream role?: Tosca or Rusalka....though I'll probably never play those (I'm a light lyric/soubrette)

8) Where do you go to school/work?: Kamiak highschool... I work as an 'opera singer' at Romano's Macaroni Grill (it really does say 'opera singer' on my clock card....its funny)

9) What are you eating for dinner tomorrow?: tomorrow? I cant think that far ahead..... probably something simple, like salad
10) Best male singer?: I cant pick just one.... I love Bryn Terfel, Ian bostridge and Nathan Gunn (as well as others that I cant think of)

11) Female?: Renee Fleming... by far... I also like Dawn Upshaw, Carol Vaness, Katherine jenkins and Sarah McLachlan

12) Worst male? oh my gosh, so many

13) Worst female? see comment above.....I cant stand that whole 'lemme scream at the top of my lungs...i'll get nodes but thats ok because i only need 2 good hits to earn me enough money to last me my life in the pop world' ok not all pop singers are like that and I'm sorry if people take offense to that....I just feel strongly on that sub

14) What do you think is an appropriate age to begin training classically, and what age (if singer has started "early") is an appropriate age to begin performing? I started training when i was almost 12 and i think that was a good time. A person should perform when they want to. You cant push someone to do it but some love it (I made my debut at 3 years old....not singing or anything, it was a little dance thing at a new years party) any age is a good age to start

15) Do you notice that aspects of your environment, diet, lifestyle, or mood affect your singing? If so, what?: oh everything affects me.... stress, emotion, what I eat

16) As singers, we are reproducing words and music often hundreds of years old. How does that make you feel when you're standing up in front of an audience or microphone and such a responsibility is resting on your shoulders?: amazing, I love performing and I love sharing beautiful music with others. I love when I'm able to sing to young kids and theyre just amazed, its awesome

17) What is the worst song you've ever been made to sing or have done yourself that you can't believe that you attempted to do?: I had a big pop-trying to belt-singing too low thing a few years ago.....stuff like Celine Dion's "I Surrender" and Martina McBride's "Broken Wing"

18) What's the hardest technical issue you've had to work through?:
lots of em........ breath has always been something I work on...
one really big issue I have is aging my voice too much, singing too dark and heavy (its not me)

19) If opera suddenly stopped, what other kind of music would you like to sing?:
classical haha (theyre 2 seperate types of music) or jazz or musical theatre
20) What is the worst stage experience you have ever had, and your best?:
Worst- I was singing in my aunt's church.... heavy Gounod piece with 3 Gs. I hate hate hate G/Ab high, theyre not comfy notes for me....above or below I'm fine but not there. I missed the first 2 (was very flat) and the grand forte ending...I took my breath, opened my mouth and ...tada! nothing!!! the note came out for maybe 2 seconds and then waivered and left....I felt awful

Best-- anytime I'm complimented by 8 years old and under I feel like I did a job well done, an accomplishment

well yep thats me! nice to meet all of you, feel free to add me :)
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