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Continuing the survey...I'm new, btw

1. Name? David
2. General Location?: Northern California
3) Age?: 14
4) What part do you sing and what type of singer are you?:
Boy Soprano ~ discriminated against for too long...
5) Favorite opera of all time?: La Nozze di Figaro
6) Favorite aria to sing?: The Queen of the Night's aria from The Magic Flute (just because I can hit the high F!

7) Dream role?: No idea...

8) Where do you go to school/work?: High School

9) What are you eating for dinner tomorrow?: I don't have a clue

10) Best male singer?: Juan Diego Florez

11) Female?: I like Lea Solonga, mainly cause she's a fellow Philippine islander...

12) Worst male? Any Boy band singers... BLEAH!

13) Worst female? Probably someone like Britney Spears, along those lines...

14) What do you think is an appropriate age to begin training classically, and what age (if singer has started "early") is an appropriate age to begin performing?
I don't know...as long as the person isn't pressured too much. It should be an enjoyable experience. If a parent forces their kids into something, it won't be fun.

15) Do you notice that aspects of your environment, diet, lifestyle, or mood affect your singing? If so, what?:
Popcorn is terrible! In a calming setting, like on a beach among the stars at night is great for singing.

16) As singers, we are reproducing words and music often hundreds of years old. How does that make you feel when you're standing up in front of an audience or microphone and such a responsibility is resting on your shoulders?:

It's really a philosophical question. It's really great to see music's beauty preserved. If it isn't, then it ruins the whole thing, with the composer probably rolling in his/her grave.

17) What is the worst song you've ever been made to sing or have done yourself that you can't believe that you attempted to do?: Backstreet Boys. Obviously I was pressured. But it's a good novelty song, like Britney Spears.

18) What's the hardest technical issue you've had to work through?:
Trying to sing when sick! It's terrible, and also when you're singing in a choir, when the guys all around you are just a little bit off. I hate that!

19) If opera suddenly stopped, what other kind of music would you like to sing?: Some good musical theatre, without people that can't sing...

20) What is the worst stage experience you have ever had, and your best?:
Worst- Haven't had many bad things happen, but in the solo below, I goofed it up in front of judges, and came in about 2 beats too early. Luckily enough, it didn't affect the score, and the judges obviously didn't hear it.

Best-- A huge solo of some hebrew song, "Shiru L'adonai", performed in front of about 250 or 300 people, after beating out the rest of my choir for it, including people that had seniority!
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