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survey, behind the cut

1. Name? Caitlin, or Cat
2. General Location?: Montana, USA
3) Age?: 16
4) What part do you sing and what type of singer are you?: soprano; classical and broadway type singer
5) Favorite opera of all time?:hmm....The Marriage of Figaro...or Die Zauberflöte
6) Favorite aria to sing?: Even though I'm not developed enough to hit those high doozies(and i don't attempt them, don't worry, i don't do it if i know it'll hurt me)-The Queen of the Night Aria
7) Dream role?:Glinda or Elphaba in Wicked, Sally in You're a good Man Charlie Brown, Mimi in Rent, etc..

8) Where do you go to school/work?: high school at Hellgate High

9) What are you eating for dinner tomorrow?:i don't know

10) Best male singer?:Anthony Rapp...Or my friend Thomas
11) Female?: Kristin Chenoweth, Idina Menzel

12 & 13) Worst?:male....he's not even a singer, but Eminem. no. anything rap.

14) What do you think is an appropriate age to begin training classically, and what age (if singer has started "early") is an appropriate age to begin performing? 13, 14ish. i started at 15,officially
15) Do you notice that aspects of your environment, diet, lifestyle, or mood affect your singing? If so, what?: well, environment: if i don't have my crappy judgemental jealous ex-voice teacher there, then all's well. and water. and SLEEP

16) As singers, we are reproducing words and music often hundreds of years old. How does that make you feel when you're standing up in front of an audience or microphone and such a responsibility is resting on your shoulders?: I definitely feel the pressure to make it the best that i can, but i just interpret it my way.
17) What is the worst song you've ever been made to sing or have done yourself that you can't believe that you attempted to do?: this really dumb song about johnny who's gone a-sailing. OH in all northwest ACDA this year we did a song in French about flirting with a monk!
18) What's the hardest technical issue you've had to work through?: my break, or mixed voice. and breathing
19) If opera suddenly stopped, what other kind of music would you like to sing?:Musical theater

20) What is the worst stage experience you have ever had, and your best?: worst-at state this year, when one of my best friends and i did a duet, which we hadn't rehearsed since district(2 weeks prior) and we BOMBED it. forgot words, started making up words, and i lost my place at the key change so we sucked-how we got a 2 i don't know. it shocked everyone at school that we got anything less than a 1. and i cried in the room and my director had to comfort me. yeah.
best-at state this year, i did a trio with one of my best friends(same as the trio), and another girl who hates us both, and my mommy cried, and the judge said we were the best performance he heard all day, and it was like 4 pm!

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