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upanoctave's Journal

Sweet Sweet Melodies
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This community is for songsters, opera stars, broadway divas, popsters, sopranos, altos, basses, tenors and all lovers of the human voice! We welcome all to discuss the natural instrument; the voice.

Simple Rules:
-No negativity. No bashing anyone, no fighting. Be civilized. If you go all American Idol on us, you're out. No arguments about i'm better or this singer is better, or this style is better. Uh uh.

- No "I am God's gift to singing" attitudes please. No one wants to hear it but you.

- Don't diss others preferred musical styles. Sure, you may not like it, but try and be open.

- Pics are awesome, we love pics of you singing, struttin your stuff in a musical, whatever, but please put them behind an lj cut. Anything goes pretty much, i'm liberal.

- If you want, post a link to your mp3 site or whatever. Of course we want to hear you!

That's about it. In other words, don't be negative.

Sing to me...