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Woot! I'm new!

1. Name? Laura
2. General Location?: Milwaukee, WI
3) Age?: 19
4) What part do you sing and what type of singer are you?: I sing 2nd soprano, and i have a very versatile voice (ex. I both belt out show tunes and sing opera, along with singing gospel and pop)
5) Favorite opera of all time?: Probably Carmen
6) Favorite aria to sing?: Ummm i haven't sung many arias....but i'd probably would have to say 'pie jesu', if that counts

7) Dream role?: Millie from 'Thoroughly Modern Millie'

8) Where do you go to school/work?: Work and go to school at Marquette University

9) What are you eating for dinner tomorrow?: Probably dorm food

10) Best male singer?: As of now...Clay Aiken. I love his's so soulful.

11) Female?: I don't really have a favorite....maybe sutton foster? or someone else..i can't remember

12) Worst male? Oh god....George Huff...definately George Huff *shudder*

13) Worst female? Hilary Duff.....omg, she CAN'T SING!!

14) What do you think is an appropriate age to begin training classically, and what age (if singer has started "early") is an appropriate age to begin performing?
I always think that earlier is better, i'd probably say around 8-10ish to begin training, and start performing around age 13 or so....but keep in mind, i've never had any professional voice is 100% natural :)

15) Do you notice that aspects of your environment, diet, lifestyle, or mood affect your singing? If so, what?: lesson i have learned well...never EVER EVER eat easy mac right before a choir audition....BAD idea

16) As singers, we are reproducing words and music often hundreds of years old. How does that make you feel when you're standing up in front of an audience or microphone and such a responsibility is resting on your shoulders?:
It's an exhilarating feeling, really, and being able to preserve that tradition is what keeps my love of singing and music alive.

17) What is the worst song you've ever been made to sing or have done yourself that you can't believe that you attempted to do?:
I've been made to sing that god awful song my senior year of high school: 'We Will Light the Fire Within'....well all wanted to light the song on fire!

18) What's the hardest technical issue you've had to work through?:
Mostly nerves...i used to be very shy about my singing.

19) If opera suddenly stopped, what other kind of music would you like to sing?: Even if opera never stopped, show tunes all the way. I'm a champion belter ;)

20) What is the worst stage experience you have ever had, and your best?:
Worst- Oh god....i can't even remember. I think maybe one time when i almost tripped over myself in the aisle...

Best-- Either when i played Eulalie in 'The Music Man', or when I belted out 'When You're Good to Mama' in front of 500 people

That's about it!!
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