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I'm a newbie and decided that the survey was a good idea ^^

This seems like a great survey, and on-topic, so I wanna play! *G*

1. Name? Stacy

2. General Location?: Central NY state

3) Age?: 14

4) What part do you sing and what type of singer are you?: I'm an alto and I pretty much sing pop/jazz. I want to get a less "poppy" voice but I think I'm stuck with it... think of my voice as a more of a less talented, jazzy and low Christina Aguilera.
5) Favorite opera of all time?: Aida ^^ Then again, this is the only I've heard and it was only once... I've seen the musical and liked it better...
6) Favorite aria to sing?: ... I don't know any. ^^' *blushes*

7) Dream role?: Eponine from Les Miserables

8) Where do you go to school/work?:... a middle school in central NY

9) What are you eating for dinner tomorrow?: I dunno...

10) Best male singer?: Hmm... Michael Crawford.
11) Female?: Hayley Westenra

12 & 13) Worst?: *shrugs* can't think of anyone in the genre that I've heard that I've really disliked. . . though, there's a guy in the group Nightwish, who sings the male part in the Theme from Phantom of the Opera, who I think, should be shot for what he did to that song, the girl is good, he is not.

14) What do you think is an appropriate age to begin training classically, and what age (if singer has started "early") is an appropriate age to begin performing?
One of my friends started voice lessons at age four... however, she didn't damage her voice at all, which is good. I think a safe age is around twelve or thirteen.

15) Do you notice that aspects of your environment, diet, lifestyle, or mood affect your singing? If I get really stressed out, I lose my voice. I found that out the hard way.

16) As singers, we are reproducing words and music often hundreds of years old. How does that make you feel when you're standing up in front of an audience or microphone and such a responsibility is resting on your shoulders?: Lmao, I tense up! However, I love the feeling of singing... it's such a great rush and it makes me proud of myself for being able to keep people interested in my voice.

17) What is the worst song you've ever been made to sing or have done yourself that you can't believe that you attempted to do?: ... I had to sing "Maybe" from Annie as an audition song. It *killed* me because I a lot of problems with the high notes.

18) What's the hardest technical issue you've had to work through?: Expanding my range. It's no fun having a low range when all the pretty songs are for sopranos. That, and sightreading. I can't read music and I've been trying to learn for two years.

19) If opera suddenly stopped, what other kind of music would you like to sing?: ^^' Lol, broadway. I love all sorts of music. I listen to anything from Linkin Park to Charlotte Church (although I think her voice isn't very good now).

20) What is the worst stage experience you have ever had, and your best?: :Losing my voice three days before the talent show. It was horrible... I worked so hard and I got sick because I was worrying so much...

Best-- NYSSMA last Saturday. I was losing my voice on Friday but my voice got well enough for me to sing and I managed to get a 24/28. ^__^ I'm proud of that.
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