Pretty in Pearls, that Uptown Girl (countrydarlin) wrote in upanoctave,
Pretty in Pearls, that Uptown Girl


Heya guys, friendly mod here. Sorry this comms been kinda dead. We have a whopping 12 members, though! Woo! Keep it up, recruit and love!

Did anyone else have a song filled holiday?
I got the several CD's including La Boheme, Cecilia Bartoli's 17th century Italian songs, and Ultimate Broadway, so i'm singing-set for awhile, at least till I memorize all the songs and need further vocal nourishment.

I also got addicted to a new musical out called Wicked that's on Broadway right now. I was originally turned away b/c I heard it was pop-ish, but it's just so cute, and Kristen Chenoweth has the cutest voice eveer.

Anyhow! Post! Sing! Be joyous!

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